Support (Transition)

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A guide for Adults following a diagnosis of Autism

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A guide for those who support adults with Autism.

Personal profile builder

A resource that will help you create a personal profile for an individual with Autism. Click here for more information

asd plannerASD Planner

The app. is designed to help individuals with ASD to plan, organise and sequence activities.

The app. provides the structure to do this, and is reliant on the user(s) entering supporting content so therefore can be tailored specifically to the needs of the individual.

Features of the app include:

  • Welsh / English language choice
  • Personalised content added by the user
  • Capacity to build activities in a step by step sequence
  • Steps are stored within the app. so can be reused within different activities
  • Users can add relevant advice, reminders or instructions for each step
  • Activities can be created and emailed to other users

logoLearning Disability Wales 

An informative website that’s worth visiting for up-to-date news
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 “Accept difference. Not indifference”

The NAS is a leading UK charity for people on the Autistism Spectrum, including Aspergers and their families.

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Mencap Cymru’s our guides and resources.

Our free legal toolkits are designed to support people with a learning disability to access services in Wales, and cover everything from education to housing and social care. Click on the link below.


Mencap Cymru Legal Toolkits


Carmarthenshire People First:

Supporting adults with learning disabilities, ‘so we can live the life we choose’

Tim Reilly is a Generic Advocate: Tim makes sure that people with a learning disability are the ones who make the decisions that effect their lives.

  •  He helps people with a learning disability get access to all the services they need and to have a real say in how  they live their lives.
  •  He supports people by going with them to meetings to discuss the services they receive and ensuring that their  voices are heard.
  •  Tim can help people to complain if they are unhappy with a service or find the organisation they need to help them  with their problem.

To find out more about the members Groups, Ffion Davies, CPF’s Health Advocate and how Carmarthenhsire People First can help your family click on the link