Kickstart Karate for the Disabled

Ikkaido is a way of adapting martial arts techniques so that young people and people with any form of disability can participate, achieve and enjoy the feeling that achievement brings.
No matter what you wish to achieve through Ikkaido – fitness, self-defence, competitions, a Black Belt or any other of the huge range of benefits that studying a martial art produces, you can be sure that you have come to the right place.
We have charitable objectives and we work hard raising funds to help disadvantages athletes.
All our Coaches are fully qualified and have Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons courses to ensure Ikkaido athletes are in safe hands.

Contact details

Sensei Susy Soravia 4th Dan
Susy’s Mobile No. Text only (I’m Deaf): 07968 225342
Rachel Morgan – Assistant Helper
Telephone: 01269 850265 and Email: