Improved services for children with disabilities

A new scheme for after school and holiday provision for children with disabilities in Carmarthenshire has been welcomed.

Mum of one Sophie Phillips says the provision will provide vital support to the well-being of severely disabled children.

It comes after a review of existing services was undertaken by the Carmarthenshire County Council last year. As part of the review a working together group, made up of council and parents of disabled children, was set up to take the service forward.

From April 1, Carer’s Trust Crossroads Sir Gar will deliver the new scheme, which will provide after school, weekend and holiday activities across the county including at Ysgol Heol Goffa and Canolfan Elfed at QE High.

Sophie Philips, who will be using the service said: “Having this service gives parents peace of mind and provides children with severe disabilities access to play schemes that cater for the needs.

It also enables them to mix with peer groups in a settled environment. Without a service like this our children could end up isolated and missing out on what children without disabilities have access to. The service is also vital in providing parents with some free time to spend with their other children.”

Families will be able to book directly with no assessment needed by the council. Letters with further information will be distributed in the next couple of weeks

The council’s executive board member for education and children’s services, Cllr Glynog Davies said: “After undertaking a review of our current services I’m pleased we have been able to provide this important service. We have worked closely with parents on all stages throughout to ensure we provide a safe and reliable service that is consistent across the county.”

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