AdultsServices for Adults begin at 25 until end of life.

Services that may be needed include: Local Authority; if assessed as fulfilling the criteria for a Social Worker (sometimes this may be a Care Manager, Social Work Assistant or Key-Worker) then an individual can access Services provided by the Local Authority (this may be via the Private Sector commissioned by the Authority, or have a Direct Payment.

Direct Payments: If an assessment by a local council shows that care services should be provided, you or the person you are looking after, have a right to ask for a direct payment instead of having the service arranged by a local council

This cash payment allows you to organise care services yourself, enabling you to choose the services that are appropriate. Some people use the money to buy care from an agency whilst others will directly employ their own staff, or pay members of their own family to do the care. To find out more about Direct Payments, what you can pay for and what’s involved click the link

If Direct Payments are preferred, organisations such as Diverse Cymru (which have replaced the Rowan Organisation in Carmarthenshire)  can help support you with the process.

Other Services may include: Respite Services, Shared Living (Formerly known  as Family Placement) and Living Independently.  For more information for the Council, click on: Local Authority.

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