Whizz-kidz covers all of Wales and has regular services in different community areas to respond to demand. I’ll let you know what we offer in total, and then you can let me know if there’s any service that would help the families you deal with in Carmarthenshire. If there’s a gap in services that we can meet, I’ll be happy to look at it for you to see what we can do.

The criteria to access our services is to have a young person with a mobility impairment aged 0-25. They must be full or part time users of a wheelchair (even if they only use them for long distances when out and about). Our services cover 2 main sectors which are the provision and funding for mobility equipment (ages 0-18), and young people’s services (ages 0-25). My role is to coordinate and facilitate the YP services across Wales, so I can’t help much with equipment enquiries but will be happy to put you in touch with our customer services team if you’ve got any families that are desperate for a new wheelchair or want adaptations to their current wheelchair. Our funding isn’t means tested – as long as we can make a case that the current wheelchair the NHS have provided is not letting the child reach their full potential for independence – we can help. The funding is there to be used so please spread the word to any families that may be interested in a brand new FREE wheelchair!

Young People’s Services

  • Youth Clubs (ages 12-25 – younger ones can attend but must be with a parent/guardian as we cannot legally provide personal care assistance for them)

Our Whizz-Kidz Clubs are usually on a weekend and have at least 2 HCAs to take care of the personal care needs of young people so they can attend independently.

About 10 young wheelchair users attend each event so it is a great way for young people to socialise.

Whizz Kidz Flyer

View this year planner with all of the activities we have booked for 2019. We mainly work in Swansea, Cardiff and Newport but we try and branch out as much as possible into West Wales and Carmarthen. This year they’re going surfing, rock climbing, skiing (Pembrey), sports taster sessions, baking, painting, science workshops, animal care, VR Gaming … There’s loads on! I can send you some printed leaflets for circulation if that would help.

  • Wheelchair Skills Training (ages 0-25)

This covers the very basic level of how to use your wheelchair safely if you’ve just received it, up to going out in the community, managing pavements, back wheel balancing, opening doors etc. Training days are held all over Wales but we only have funding to run 12 a year and a few have already been booked in. If you think a session would be popular in your region , let me know.

  • Employability Training and Supported Work Placements (ages 14-25)

Employability Training Days are run by real employers (Admiral, Tesco, Lloyds, BT) who give the young people training on what they look for in an employee and what their recruitment process is like.

Work Placements are very popular with us at the moment. We can support the young person to have 1 or 2 Health Care Workers on their placement and pay for their travel back and fore, which often are two big barriers to someone with a disability securing work experience. We have partnerships with Tesco, BT, CineWorld, and TUI (Thomson/Thomas Cook) who will take on work placement pupils in their accessible stores without issue. That is not to say the young person has to go to one of those employers, we are more than happy to source other placements to suit the requests of the young people. Placements are  anything from 3-10 working days usually but can be extended depending on the overall cost of the placement and whether the employer has availability.

  • Residential Camps (ages 18-25)

We currently only have funding for one Camp a year in Wales for 10 young people (as it costs upwards of £30k!)

This summer’s camp has already been filled with places but I will let you know when the next one is booked. It’s likely to be held in Bridgend, August 2020 for 3 days.

Again, full care is provided so it is a chance for young people to be away from home independently.